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Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard" can be described as the most recently paid attention to the Air Jordan shoes, salute Joe Joe's violent anger buckle classic color, but also so many friends are pretty fond of. Recently, the United States well-known shoes unit JBF Customs will be inspired by this, bringing the latest Primo High "Sha++ered" shoes money. JBF Customs has always been a continuation of the luxury style, the double Primo High snake embossed leather and suede material to build, black, white, and orange theme needless to say, although there is no side Swoosh, but JBF Customs's own Primo shoes without losing the high street that visual sense. Today opened its own brand of JBF Customs is more and more inclined to re shape rather than changing the uppers, so I believe the future will have to publi air jordan 11 space jam for sale sh more wonderful works, if you love this pair of words, then save pictures enjoy, because the price is $1300 and the number of only a pair of course not possible. Youth is soon, and it will not be too late to chase. How many we will always think of his alma mater, like Michael Jordan has been concerned with his alma mater, every year more or less will launch some on North Carolina high school even Lanny color of the Air Jordan series, this year is no exception, Joe 30 of second commercially available color card color is north, we can see his attention to his alma mater. said a 12 year cycle, as early as 12 years ago, in the winter of December 2004, the JORDAN brand has launched the Air Jordan 2 Low the University of North Carolina in color, and this year engraved the shoes so as like as two peas, second jordans on sale mens sold in 2004, it is Air Jordan is 2 years, a total of 5 pairs of push out among them, 2 double low. how about this year? It is said that this year is Air Jordan 12 big year, but Air Jordan 10, City Pack every month will plug in, and Air Jordan 5, Low also launched 6 colors! When it comes to help Air Jordan 2 low Low really don't underestimate, before the North Carolina color has red color do pad with Chicago, back as the X Don C also launched the AJ2 AJ2, Wing It, AJ2 Alternate three for double color, hey, add up to this year has also sold 5 color Air Jordan 2! and Air Jordan 9 Low Pantone AJ2 Low in North Carolina, matching together again MJ in the glory of remembrance time, white North Carolina blue AJ2 is very fresh, very suitable for summer wear, in addition to North Carolina color and midnight blue jordan 3 katrina 2018 as embellishment, two kinds of blue combination is very beautiful, uppers of imitation lizard leather as material, good quality. The shoes are on sale in June 11, 2016, No. 832819-107, $160, $1299 for domestic sale.based on Flyknit Free and Hyperfeel Free launched a new type of shoes on Nike Sportswear recently once again brought to the bottom in Lunaron and Flyknit system based Lunar Flyknit Chukka for shoes. The launch of the new three double color green, pink and contains Jiangzi, supplemented by hit color design Swoosh and lace design. Nike Air Force Max CB 2 HYP shoes Christian Louboutin Louis Orlato Spikes Velvet shoes comments on last article: Nike Air Force Max CB 2 HYP shoes section next: Christian, Louboutin, Louis, Orlato, Spikes, Velvet shoes it turns out that the art of playing shoes c jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black an be played like this! French artist Romain Trystram, inspired by classic movie posters, takes on the roles of various classic movie posters and turns them into the main characters in each movie. Romain Trystram the elaborate illustrations are full of romance; the psychedelic colors put people in the shoes of the theme film. We can see the Air Jordan 1 on the bottom of the Titanic, and the shadow of classic movies such as star wars and TRON. The protagonists include sports shoes such as Adidas, Reebok and PUMA. After reading, Xiao Bian even had a wild hope, in addition to posters, when can really a sneaker baby movies? What time can realize sneaker fans ambition? 2 3 1 4 Ike; 5 on the next page , the next page, NIKEiD for Jordan Spiz ', add new metal burst options, next page review jordans on sale online LeBron 100. 7 " Summit; Lake Hornets" Low; - 2010LeBron 101. 8 All-White" " - 2010LeBron 102. 8 2011- Black/Red-White-GoldLeBron 103. 8 Bulls" " - 2011LeBron 104. 8 Denim" " - 2011LeBron 105. 8 HWC; Away" " - 2011LeBron 106. 8 Mavericks; Home" " - 2011LeBron 107. 8 Mavericks; Away" " - 2011LeBron 108. 8 Miami; Heat Home" " - 2011LeBron 109. 8 SVSM; Away" " - 2011LeBron 110. 8 112" " - 2011LeBron 111. 8 " Victory; Green" V/2; - 2011LeBron 112. 8 " Carbon; Fiber" V/2; - 2011LeBron 113. 8 " Diana; Taurasi Away" V/2; - 2011LeBron 114. 8 " Graffiti" V/2; - 2011LeBron 115. 8 " Miami; Nights" V/2; - 2011LeBron 116. 8 " V/2; Portland〉breaking wind boom is not reduced, the major manufacturers have developed into pneumatic type of road vehicles. Tianjin Fujitec brands to launch new BATTLE road SURMO-CO, is an e cheap air jordans ntry level road vehicle aerodynamics. The tube near the head tube position list SURMO-CO this road car features . Including the use of T700 Carbon fiber raw material, hidden the seat tube clamp (lock tube), breaking the wind tube type design (broken wind pipe), and a SPEEDHAWK at present also not understand, tentatively known as the eagle of speed. The design of front fork straight , the breaking wind pipe design. To enhance the control performance, but comfort are lacking The design of fork after . Straight after the fork type design of breaking wind pipe flat thin, can play the role of reducing air resistance. As the tube side is relatively wide, the comfort will cause a certain impact. after the fork and the vertical pipe is connected to a position slightly downward, which is aerodynamic frame common app buy cheap jordans online roach is to further compressed fork front windward area decrease wind resistance. At the same time, it can make the seat tube has a longer length of deformation, to a certain extent, increase the comfort of the tube. five pass position. BATTLE SURMO-CO BB design PF86 road car by pressing, shaft diameter of 24mm axis. This is the axis specification of highway of the mainstream car, with respect to the GXP version, the axis of the wider, frame five through rigid can do better; with respect to the bb30 specifications, using up more peace of mind, the failure rate is low, long time use is not prone to abnormal sound. frame using the line design, the front end of the outlet position design is reasonable, the line and the line is very smooth. After the caliper tube walk the line, the "right into the left", the dec cheap foamposites rease in tube wire bending, to enhance the rear brake brake handle role. This is a very mature line design, used in the SURMO-CO is just perfect, it is able to ensure the accuracy and speed of SHIMANO handle. frame in five and the head tube were reserved for the electronic transmission line inlet, means the car can be the perfect support for electronic transmission cable kit. The car brake wire is used in ordinary galvanized inside brake core, cause brake feel beaten many discounts, but more. If you replace the two fine grinding of the brake cable core or with Teflon coated wire, the brake handle to get a great improvement. The line below the five position . Line by line pipe to protect the core line, let the wire core by daily sediment, dust pollution. At the same time delay maintenance cycle, make daily ma Retro jordans for sale intenance more convenient. 〉LeBron James: Nike Zach LaVine: Air Jordan III Kobe Bryant: Nike Kobe XI Stephen Paul: Jordan CP3.IX Dwyane Wade: Li-Ning Way of Damian Lillard: Adidas D Kyle Korver: Nike Zoom Kobe Kevin Durant: Nike KDThe day before the vintage sports brand Puma to run the market moves constantly, and the invitation to the famous New York shoe store Alife, together to create a series of joint version of retro running works. From the current exposure picture, the series includes R698, Blaze, of, Glory and Disc Blaze, etc., in terms of material and color is quite bold, avant-garde, worthy of attention! 0.jpg (196.99 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:37 2014-7-16 1.jpg (179.58 KB, download times: 0) download attachment sa Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ve to album Upload 09:37 2014-7-16 2.jpg (181.81 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:37 2014-7-16 3.jpg (173.41 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:37 2014-7-16 picture, 2014, shop, retro shoes0.jpg (612.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:42 2015-3-11 announced at the beginning of this year in the promotion of shoes quality after the popular Air Jordan 4 Retro in the "Legend Blue", "Laser" and "Oero" after the release, ushered in the 30th anniversary defined "Teal" color, the more dazzling and belong to the spring and summer of blue and green, let people easily associate last year launched the "Green Glow" color, but in the shoe body and the sole color completely opposite, compared to the previous product better leather material composed of shoe body, the collocation grid material mint green presents design style of the year, with black and white cross in the bottom and exposed Air Unit classic heel pants collocation a variety of different can easily reveal the self style, and the 30th anniversary Air Jordan 4 Retro color mark "Teal" will be officially sold in March 14th 1.jpg (577.52 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:42 2015-3-11 2.jpg (638.09 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:42 2015-3-11 3.jpg (579.01 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:42 2015-3-11 4.jpg (645.61 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:42 2015-3-11 5.jpg (692.63 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 08:42 2015-3-11 splendid shoes popular at the same time, the simple solid color design are also one of can yet be regarded as spring shoes is the best choice, overwhelmed, Nike Internationalist premium bring pure and fresh and free from vulgarity "grey wolf" solid color design, the quality of grey suede uppers, tongue and heel of the Nike logo is a deep color of the light color, and is equipped with black and white EVA midsole waffle rubber outsole, lightweight cushioning also bring better grip and durability. Officially on sale, it is only a matter of time.Nike Air Yeezy 2 suspected third color exposure 2013-12-08 22:45:47 previously reported for you next year, Nike Sportswear will sell third models of Nike Air Yeezy 2 color message, since then, the third colors on the Internet speculation can be overwhelming. Today, the network exposure of a new double color Air Yeezy 2 spy photos, this heavy photo exposure will instantly sound all kinds of speculation focused on the discussion on the new exposure. from the exposure of the picture we can see that the new color is like the previous two color "combination, shoe body front part is using the Air Yeezy 2 Platinum color, and the latter part of the use of another Black/ Solar Red color, such Two-Tone design I really don't know how many people would love. But after all, it is Air Yeezy 2, even if the shoes are really third Air Yeezey 2 Zhenshen, presumably will still cause a crazy panic buying boom. But really hope this is just a test version, the material can be changed, you shoes fans, how do you see it?